I was a professional distance swimmer from year 1990 to 1994 and still participate as an amateur when possible. I like sea swimming too. I love to stretch - breathing and concentrating inspired by yoga.

I have always been a nature lover. Nowadays what I most enjoy is to read and to be involved with nature (cultivating, hiking, skiing, flying or surfing).

I am a free flight instructor and, when I have time, I do paraglider tandems - sharing this unique experience with people. It's fascinating to facilitate people to experiment with the importance of perspective, self control and risk management through tandem flights. I have flown more than 120 kilometers in a nine hour tandem flight crossing the Spanish central plateau. 

Music is one of my passions as well and I play the harmonica. When doing tourism I love to take the subway and go to the last stops, that are not prepared to be seen. In my youth I used to take buses which destination I did not know to find out new people and places in Rio [the divided city].