Who I am

 University of South Africa
University of South Africa

I am a pracademic: 

  • I research on experiential learning for sustainability. I am interested in lifelong and community-based education as well.

My dream in life, and my purpose in work, is to shape a more integrative world.

Violence, poverty, exclusion have touched my life: I have lost friends and almost my own life many times in the streets of Rio. The elimination of poverty drives my dream.

I have a rich & pacific life experience working with slums during childhood by accompanying my parents, still working in this field during all life, and have 5 years experience in rural development. 

I have over 18 years’ experience as a senior change manager working for multinational corporations doing multi:lateral/disciplinary/cultural projects in all continents. 

I am a Fellow of St Catherine’s College Oxford University, LEAD International, and of itdUPM [Innovation and Technology for Development Centre]. Actually I am doing a Master of Science for Sustainable Urban Development at Oxford University. More abou my background.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index acknowledged as world best practice the project ‘Sustainable Supply Chain’ I designed and implemented for Telefónica & O2, where I was selected as high potential.

I co-designed/delivered a course on Sustainable Urban Development for Rio+20 that won the international public vote for the best learning event in the United Nations web.

My life is working with people from all sectors to enhance lives conditions globally, building trust & alliances. I implement projects like:

· employment generation

· access to university

· entrepreneurship, or

· leadership empowerment

I’ve been working for organizations like:

· Mapfre, in favelas such as in Manaus / Amazonas

· Government of Rio, also in the Olympic Games

· Lead Canada NGO

· Change Foundation in the UK

Key points to the work I do:

· Active listening

· Co-creation & collaboration

· Local people must be empowered to be the protagonists of their own story of change

· Combination of community development and business skills

I have been featured internationally on many publications and media outlets including El País.