YUZZ - A platform to empower young entrepreneurs

Workshop: 'How to Lead your Project'

YUZZ is a Spanish nationwide platform - expanding to Latinamerica - which purpose is to train, support and advise young entrepreneurs to launch their 'startups'.

We design and deliver experiential trainning programmes - participative, dynamic and based on real case studies - that help people to think and act differently. 'We go with you on your journey'.

We create learning experiences that make concepts and tools accessible and meaningful to the group, developing skills and knowledge, and encouraging participants to have fun while they are learning.

Training programmes are delivered in fifty Spanish cities, Latinamerica and Silicon Valley, California.

 Universidad Complutense 2017
Universidad Complutense 2017

"Inspiring, interesting real cases studies, motivating. Léo is a great communicator"
- Participant from University Complutense - 2017

 Deusto Business School 2017
Deusto Business School 2017

"Léo is an experienced lecturer. The messajes were really clear and supported by real cases. He is always pushing the group to participate in a special engaging and dynamic way. I feel inspired to realize my passion."
- Participant from Deusto Business School - 2017

 Dinámica Liderazgo Universidad Complutense Yuzz
Dinámica Liderazgo Universidad Complutense Yuzz

"I very much liked this workshop because it was dynamic and united us as a group. Leadership topic was exposed under open and global perscectives. I learned concrete and practical tips and techniques that I will apply undoubtedly"
- Participant from University Alfonso X El Sabio - 2016

 Universidad Carlos III_Liderazgo
Universidad Carlos III_Liderazgo

"This workshop expanded my horizons"
- Participant from University Carlos III - 2016

 Dinámica Liderazgo Universidad Complutense 2016
Dinámica Liderazgo Universidad Complutense 2016

"Through this workshop I learned to identify real needs and to understand my life through other perspectives"
- Participant from University Complutense - 2016

One of the outcomes from our workshop: a video spontaneously made by the students to spread out the central messages of the workshop. You are in a good path!

Main Partners:

  • Banco Santander - Santander Universidades
  • Universidad Complutense
  • Universidad Carlos III
  • Deusto Business School
  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio
  • YUZZ
  • CEEI - Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Burgos
  • CISE - Centro Internacional Santander Emprendimiento
  • Fundación Ernst & Young
  • Indra
  • Intel
  • Tuenti

Short interview about the workshop.

This learning program was created, proposed and delivered by Impact Holders, an advisory company which I established with my partner, Eduardo Zaldivar.