Viradão Esportivo

 Viradão Esportivo Kickoff in Cristo Redentor - Rio de Janeiro
Viradão Esportivo Kickoff in Cristo Redentor - Rio de Janeiro



  • Sustainability strategy
  • Project co-creation
  • Coalition building / collective impact facilitation
  • Promotion

Main Partners:

  • Nike
  • Globo TV
  • SporT
  • Gatorade
  • Rede Esporte pela mudança Social - Sport Net for Social change
  • Rio de Janeiro Government and Municilality
  • Sports and Justice Ministries
  • Federal Government


Viradao Esportivo is a celebration of sport that happens across Brazil over a whole weekend. It's the biggest sporting event in Brazil, a 33 hour non-stop sports fest.
An annual event, the last one included 800 cities with 29.000 different sporting events16 million people assisted and 1,4 million people, participated in the sports. Spontaneous media estimated in 1,400,000 euros.



More than 11.4 million Brazilians live in deprived areas, known as favelas, according to the Brazilian Statistics Institute, IBGE - that’s more that the whole population of Portugal - but in reality there are far more than that. Where inequality, violence, housing, health care, education and citizenship are major problems, many people do not have papers and are not included in official statistics. Deprivation is one of the biggest social problems in one of the most socially unequal countries in the world.

Brazil is a strong player in the new world order, and despite lying sixth among world economies, ahead of the UK, it still has serious social issues to address. Projects like this one can contribute to improving conditions for the most deprived communities


The main objective is to integrate society and stimulate involvement in sports, as a  tool to develop citizenship. In addition it includes a strategy to engage participants in our training programs. We are committed to bring visibility and better living conditions to people who live in favelas. This kind of event offers CUFA greater visibility, giving it the leverage it needs to communicate with Brazilians outside the communities.

I personaly participated directly in activities in Rio`s downtown Lapa, Favelas, on the beach in South Zone, in Rio's famous Christ in Corcovado and can say that it's a very strong and emotive event where all people really integrate and have fun together.

For more information:

TV Globo coverage (video)

TV Globo coverage (video)