Rio's Municipal Sustainability Strategy

"Léo Dias is an architect of complex improbable bridges. He designs projects that connect people who would never meet: Organic and natural leaders from Rio's favelas, multinationals with a social agenda, and the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro. Leonardo's innovative bridges sustain the dialogue in the diveded city of Rio de Janeiro.
- Renato Pereira, City Government of Rio de Janeiro, Head of Policy and Public Affairs 


  • Sustainability strategy
  • Project co-creation
  • Coalition building / collective impact facilitation
  • Narrative designing


  • Prefecture of Rio de Janeiro



Brazil and Rio de Janeiro have a powerful agenda with the Olympic Games 2016 and the World Cup 2014 along with a surge in private investment. There is now a unique opportunity to achieve greater and collective impact through building alliances, PPP - public-private partnership - and project implementation to enhance social, environmental and economic development.


  • Deliver communication plan for citizen participation within the Olympic Games and World Football Cup frameworks
  • Plan projects to maximize legacy for Rio de Janeiro inhabitants, supporting the communication plan (focused on poor communities and favelas)

Social Technology methodology:

  • Co-creation of projects based on citizen participation
  • Network development
  • Grassroots leader empowerment for sustainability
  • Social entrepreneurship 

Achieved Results:

  • Planning and delivering of projects co-created through citizen participation
  • Communication plan

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