Chance 2 Advance - Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship

University of South Africa - Education in Atteridgeville township (Pretoria)

Explorer - Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Income generation and job creation - International

Managing Impacts through Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Impacts management, Income generation and job creation in Spain

Cricket 4 Change

Sports for Social Integration in Rio's Favelas

Leadership Empowerment for Sustainability Training Program

Lead Canada & Grassroots Leaders empowerment in Rio's Favelas

Urban Life - Social integration in the Amazonas

Income generation. Entrepreneurship and job creation in Manau's favelas

YUZZ - A platform to empower young entrepreneurs

Design & Delivering of the training programme - 2015-20

How to Lead your Project 

YUZZ - A platform to empower young entrepreneurs

Design & Delivering of the training programme 2015-20

Developing low income markets with communities 

Experiential learning program for empowerment in sustainability

Cultivating tomorrow's leaders today

Social Entrepreneurship through an Impact Center® development

17 International Theatre Festival Castilla y León - Ciudad Rodrigo

Scenic Arts as a Platform for Social Development and Integration

Documentary A propósito de "La Copa de las Copas", Program: En Portada

RTVE Televisión Española  - Spanish Television 

Rio's Municipal Sustainability Strategy

Citizen participation for social integration within the Olympic Games framework

Grassroots Leaders Empowerment for Sustainability

Leadership for sustainaiblity in Brazil's favelas


Telefónica & O2 Group

Extending sustainability principles to supply chain and purchasing processes


Education & Income Generation for Social Integration in Salvador

Social integration in five favelas from Salvador de Bahia through tourist guide training programs, job creation and local culture awareness raising


Lead International

Partnership building, fundraising and project co-creation for grassroots leadership empowerment in Rio's favelas


Global Advisor to CUFA - Launching a leading Brazilian NGO in Europe

Llorente & Cuenca

Communications Consultancy

Education & Professional Qualification in Salvador

Social inclusion through a training program supporting young people to gain access university and find a job


Viradão Esportivo

Social Inclusion through Sports in Brazil

Social inclusion through the World Cup in Brazil 2014 Taça das Favelas

Generating social inclusion, peace and equality through the medium of football 

Favela Festival

Music as an instrument for social inclusion across Brazil's favelas

Child day care centre Baby Lonia

Education of children from Babilonia and Chapéu Mangueira Communities