In order to achieve stronger impact I am developing educational projects, also educating for diversity and for the development of intercultural skills, dialogue and aptitudes among children, youngers (agents of change) and as a learning journey during all life. In addition, are key elements Grassroots leadership empowerment to enhance comminities autonomy scaling up resilience and income generation initiatives to asure further projects sustainability. It's fundamental to put people first and really speak local language (music, i.e: hip-hop; theater, audio-visual, graffiti, local sports modalities, etc)

In Brazil we are improving an Innovative Social Technology that is, more and more, bringing all these concepts together in social inclusion processes. Many best cases are being implemented in Rio de Janeiro

Educational projects represents 85% of the initiatives I implement and co-create, leadership development 70%, entrepreneurship and job creation 70% and environmental issues 20%. In 100% of the projects, culture, art or sports are developed to enhance engagement. In addition families' beneficiaries engagement, awareness about citizenship and sustainability (equality and nature), heath and care are vertical hubs across all the projects.

Besides of each project indicator data, like high number of jobs genarated, we enhance self esteem, bring new perspectives of life and visibility to the "invisible"enhance social inclusión and improve equalitydynamizing social mobility and building definetely a more stable society.

Co-creation is a tool to construct high adding value solutions to all stakeholders, efficiently engaging them and supporting collective impact (diverse organizations working together to solve complex social issues).

For more detailed information about projects implemented please click here. I selected some cases to exemplify the work I do. Selection includes some partners like CUFA, leading brazilian NGO; Fundación Mapfre, biggest Spanish insurance company, as a Global sustainability advisor; LEAD International, the world's largest international non-profit organisation focused on inspiring leadership and change for a sustainable world, as Strategic sustainability advisor and fellow; Rio's Government and Municipality also as Strategic sustainabily advisor, drawing and implementing a part of its social integration planning through communities development legacy projects in Olympic Games framework; Telefónica and O2 etc.