Politécnica University - Engineering degree

 Workshop participants_Engineering degree_Politécnica University_Madrid
Workshop participants_Engineering degree_Politécnica University_Madrid

'The workshop was dynamic, highly motivating, practical, engaging and fresh thinking'
- Workshop participant

Cultivating tomorrow's leaders today

In order to maximize results in the complex area of sustainability it's key to work with all sectors to generate bigger and collective impact. Besides of governments, private companies, cooperation agencies, NGO, media... also academia and its students, who will be the future decision makers and can promote the change to a more integrative world. 

During the workshop we analized the main values sustainability adds to business and society, and some main key sucess factors to build sustainablity into organizations.

I really want to thank all the students for their motivation and participation, and the invitation from Politécnica University  to do the workshop, specially Carlos Mataix.