Madrid Science Week - Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

"One of the best speechs I have ever listened" - Economy Degreee Student

Cultivating tomorrow's leaders today

In order to maximize results in the complex area of sustainability it's key to work with all sectors to generate bigger and collective impact. Besides of governments, private companies, cooperation agencies, NGO, media... also academia and its students, who will be the future decision makers and can promote the change to a more integrative world. 

The educational system is not adapted to achieve the turning point that inspires disruptive thinking, what brings bigger and collective impact. But, as we did in this workshop, academia is adapting in order to change this reality, developing experiential learning programs, promoting positive social interactions, being more engaging for the students, motivating them and promoting real impact.

Co-creation, actively listen, equality and new integrative business models were some of the central points of this workshop.

Main results: 

This workshop is part of Madrid Science Week, an event that is held every year during November. 

I really want to thank all the students for their motivation and participation, the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria for the invitation to do this workshop, the itunes department for filming and editing the videos, Pablo and Rosana for doing the convocatory on the social nets, and Cristina Puigdengolas and Eduardo Zaldivar for their contribution.