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 ESADE Business School Conference - Deprived areas as a Growth Engine
ESADE Business School Conference - Deprived areas as a Growth Engine

My speech with Fundación Mapfre on world deprived areas as an engine for development: adding value to people and society, private companies and governments.

More details about the conference as follows:

Since the middle of XX century, Brazilian slums called the attention of anthropologists and sociologists due to the high creativity, dynamism, entrepreneurial orientation, innovation, tenacity and motivation identified in its inhabitants. I myself experienced this characteristics when working or enjoying my free time in slums. It's the DYI (do it yourself) organizational/economic model.

Considering the current and constant changes the world order and business models are experiencing, all the crisis and the diversity, thus can be an important differential adding high value. Those skills above-mentioned  are strategic for companies in their positioning.

From a systemic point of view, deprived areas are an important leverage point for sustainability. That is where migrants’ urban social integration begins: networking, surviving, adapting, supporting, etc. Deprived areas work as a social and economic development platform to urban renovation, village sustainability and social inclusion, working as amplifiers or dumpers of sustainability issues.

Deprived areas play an essential role in building improved sustainability and are a strategic place where to engage and provide leaders with sustainability skills and values, which can have a magnifying effect, capable to contribute to more sustainable societies.

I also explained how we are breaking the poverty cycles in Brazilian slums through grassroots leaders empowerment.

I would like to thank ESADE Business School and its team for the invitation to speak in this conference and specially to Fernando Garrido, FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE Acción Social Institute, General Director for accepting my invitation to participate.

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