Sustainable Brands Barcelona

 Cocreation Team_Sustainable Brands Barcelona_Geoff Kendall_Leonardo Martins Dias
Cocreation Team_Sustainable Brands Barcelona_Geoff Kendall_Leonardo Martins Dias

Sustainable Brands Barcelona is destined to be special, since it seeks to involve not only the professional community, but also the city of Barcelona. Our Advisory, Impact Holders, cocreated by Eduardo Zaldivar and I, is proud to collaborate with Sustainable Brands project in the strategic planification, partnership building and event delivering.

Additionally, Sustainable Brands Barcelona seeks to leave a legacy to the city of Barcelona. So together with the Barcelona City Council and Ford a challenge around sustainable mobility has been defined. This challenge is launched for all attendees and speakers of SB Barcelona to co-create a better Barcelona and I had the pleasure of facilitating it with Geoff Kendall.

The results of the Workshop will contribute to the expert knowledge that will remain in the hands of Barcelona City Council and Ford for use and distribution, facing that the work of Sustainable Brands Barcelona really contributes to Co-create and move forward in terms of sustainable mobility in the city.

Barcelona City Council will distribute the conclusions through the Newsletter of Barcelona Activa (which has around 15.000 contacts), through the live Barcelona platform (their mobility platform), and through a presentation to local operators in the Smart cities World congress of November.

The Co-Creating Cities Workshop about car sharing and seamless multimodal transport was held at the Modernist Complex of Sant Pau (UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest existing modernist exhibition in the world). 

I really want to thank all Sustainable Brands and Quiero Teams for the invitation to facilitate this cocreation workshop.

For detailed information please see Sustainable Brands webpage.