RIO+20, United Nations Summit

 Deprived areas_Leverage for Sustainability
Deprived areas_Leverage for Sustainability

This lecture has been top one of the ranking by the popular vote in the United Nations web amongst dozens of entries from around the world. My speech is about  innovative social technology that I have developed and I am implementing worldwide.

Main topics presented therein are: communities autonomy enhancement through grassroots leaders empowerment and engagement for sustainability, co-creation, stakeholder engagement, diversity, equality, networking, positive social interactions and social entrepreneurship.

I really want to thank the UNITED NATIONS and all its team involved for the support provided before, during and after the event, for inviting us and for the opportunity to participate in the meeting. I want to thank all participants, who were coming from all continents, the participation in our lecture. It was an honor to have had the opportunity to learn, to share what I do and my thoughts in RIO+20. 

"I had the pleasure of delivering workshops with Léo in RIO+20 and work with him in a program he developed in favela Vila Cruzeiro. I am astounded by Leo's ability to find solutions for communities in a way that builds capacitygrows relationships and creates unique partnerships. He works tirelessly to establish win-win situations for local communities, organizations and businesses - often in ways that are totally unique. Because of his important work, communities are seeing benefits today, but are also establishing a foundation to thrive in the future."

John Lewis, President, LEAD Canada and President, Intelligent Futures - Canada

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