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Transforming Higher Education for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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Key Conclusions - Transforming higher education for SDGs requires Universities to:

  1. Foster students social development by combining theories and hands-on practices
  2. Connect people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds by building trust
  3. Promote real life experiences - "life skills" in the curriculum through Experiential Learning
  4. Create opportunities for self-reflection and self-knowledge
  5. Focus on collaborative and project-based work
  6. Link contents with SDGs
  7. Incorporate critical thinking and creativity in subjects
  8. Implement sustainabiltiy across all programmes
  9. Bring students from all programmes together to co-create solutions to tackle sustainability challenges
  10. Listen, observe, and be agile to adapt and re-adapt: students, the leaders of tomorrow, should produce and re-produce systems that are sustainable

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