What I offer

I work in international cooperation for sustainable development

Under a reactive framework perspective, I design and implement strategysustainability projectsalliances and narratives for my clients in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors across all regions.

"Léo Dias is an architect of complex improbable bridges. He designs projects that connect people who would never meet: Organic and natural leaders from Rio's favelas, multinationals with a social agenda, and the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro. Leonardo's innovative bridges sustain the dialogue in the diveded city of Rio de Janeiro."

- Renato Pereira, City Government of Rio de Janeiro, Head of Policy and Public Affairs 

 @Leonardo Martins Dias, 2009
@Leonardo Martins Dias, 2009

Under a preventive framework, sustainable development requires a strategic approach to working closely with future decision makers: students. Sustainability will be what young people of today decide it will be. So it is key to work with the academia. Additionally, academics can provide rigor and systematization to the projects under a reactive framework.

teach at graduate and undergraduate levels (University of California, Berkeley / University of Oxford) designing and delivering dynamic programmes and workshops through real experiences for transformative development. 

Best educational programme and work days of my life.
- Mark Giltrow, Program Head, Sustainable Business Leadership, British Columbia Institute of Technology - Vancouver, British Columbia

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