What I offer

I design and implement sustainability projects. Using a reactive framework, I provide partners a range of services in collaborative project development to support sustainable business strategy and achieve real, lasting impact.

Under a preventive framework shifting the world requires a strategic approach to working closely with future decision makers: students. Sustainability will be what young people of today decide it will be. So it is key to work with the academia. Additionally, academics can provide rigor and systematization to the projects under a reactive framework.

I teach at graduate and undergraduate levels designing and delivering dynamic programmes and workshops through real experiences, conferences, and projects for transformative development. Here you can find an example of a conference I did at Berkeley University.


My work has a global span, with many partners in Europe and Latin America and a particular focus on Brazil and Spain. My partners are people & communities, private corporations, governmental organizations, NGOs, foundations, the media and academic institutions.

I work in international development and poverty alleviation, focusing on people and the development of community autonomy through new inclusive business models. My goal is to maximize social, environmental and economic impacts. I accomplish this through developing cross sector sustainability strategy, partnerships and projects and publishing and promoting the outcomes. I work closely with partners throughout the process, from the initial definition of the strategy through delivery and implementation to promotion and brand reinforcement. This collaborative approach creates and shares greater value through social change.

Strategy for Sustainability

I work with partners, often multi-national companies, individually and collectively, defining clear goals and implementing effective strategies for sustainability challenges and agendas, connecting with core business objectives and global frameworks. This includes:

  • Defining and implementing inclusive business models
  • Positioning in sustainability (what to do, where to go, how to position and who to engage)
  • Stakeholder engagement for sustainability orientation
  • Fundraising
  • Reputational risk management
  • Customer loyalty development in new markets
  • Communications planning 
  • Brand enhancement, establishing emotional bonds and sustainability profile
  • Public policy

Related initiatives:

 Project Co-creation

In order to find more complete solutions, achieve greater impact, engage stakeholders and share knowledge I have developed a process of co-creation.

Co-creation enables:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Development of new team work initiatives
  • Evolution of new ideas
  • Definition of new business models
  • Identification of trends
  • Brand re-positioning
  • Creation of new experiences
  • Creation of new customer focussed products & services
  • Reinforcement of emotional bonds with customers
  • Legacy


Implementation and Q&A

I don't just develop a strategy, I work closely with my partners at every stage of the project. I define, manage and implement projects and develop proactive quality assurance and reporting.  


 Coalition building (Bridging) / Collective impact

Building emotional bonds for high impact relationshipsI build cross-sectorial 'bridges' and promote positive social interactions, raising awareness and trust to unite stakeholders. Alliances achieve large-scale social, environmental and economic impact, bringing together funders, communities, private corporations, governmental organizations, NGOs, foundations, media, academic institutions and the broader society.

I create new organizational models amongst stakeholders, generating collective impact through new business models focussed on people, environment and profit.



The communication and dissemination of projects and positive social interactions are important. I make regular presentations at international fora such as the European Union, Rio+20, Great Minds and high ranking business schools. I have a well developed media profile with numerous appearances on TV, radio as well as in the press and digitalmedia.

I disseminate the work done by people who live in favelas internationally in order to bring visibility to their initiatives, empowering them and contributing to change perceptions of these areas, and erode the association of deprivation with criminality.