United Nations Summit RIO+20

"I had the pleasure of delivering workshops with Léo in RIO+20 and work with him in a program he developed in favela Vila Cruzeiro. I am astounded by Leo's ability to co-design and find solutions for communities in a way that builds capacitygrows relationships and creates unique partnerships. He works tirelessly to establish win-win situations for local communities, organizations and businesses - often in ways that are totally unique. Because of his important work, communities are seeing benefits today, but are also establishing a foundation to thrive in the future."

John Lewis, President, LEAD Canada and President, Intelligent Futures - Canada

Great Minds

"We had the honour of working with Leonardo in Great Minds. He has made his work his life's cause and this is evident in how engaging his presentation is and the passion he transmits when talking about his subject. What is best about his projects is that they are oriented to people (people-centered), to help people and he works for them to have a better future. Léo is outstanding in professional excellence, as a conference speaker and, above all, as a magnificent person. I sincerely recommend his work and urge you to get in touch with him to obtain details about all his social inclusion projects."

José María Robisco , CEO, leadership expert, founder of Great Minds - Spain / UK

LEAD International

"Part Maven, and part Connector, Leonardo could be a character in a book by Malcolm Gladwell or Dan Pink. He loves to build partnerships with people living in favelas. Everything Leonardo does, takes him closer to his cherished goal of bringing communities, business and government together, to build a better future for all. Léo is also a lot fun to be around. His genuine curiosity about people, and his ability to see the funny side, are impossible to resist."

Edward Kellow, Head of Training Programes, LEAD International - UK

LEAD International - Inspiring Leadership for Sustainability

"Knowing that a new generation of leaders from the developing world and emerging markets are promoting sustainable development, helped by LEAD, gives me real hope for the future."

Bjorn Stigson, President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development - Switzerland