Interview on Social Integration, also in 2014 World Cup framework, Program: English Language Broadcast, RNE International Radio 12/06/2014

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 Leonardo Dias_Eduardo Zaldivar_Justin Coe_Leadership Empowerment 4 Sustainability
Leonardo Dias_Eduardo Zaldivar_Justin Coe_Leadership Empowerment 4 Sustainability

Our interview broadcasted to Africa, Europe and America is mainly about the project Leadership Empowerment for Sustainability, an innovative approach to developing leaders. It's an experiential learning program for LEAD Canada, an United Nations consultative organism I am fellow and advise on sustainability. During the program, delivered in Rio's favelas, local leaders - like Flávio Mazzaro from favela Fallet - and professionals with a background and experience in sustainability work and learn together, generating real and greater impact. More details

LEAD fellow Eduardo Zaldivar and I were in Rio's favelas together, also working on an assessment to evaluate this project's results and the next experiential learning programs that are going to be implemented in other countries.

I really want to thank Alison Hughes, Eduardo Zaldivar, Justin Coe and all International Radio team the interview, the interest in the work I am developing and the opportunity to share my work and thoughts in the radio, this amazing communication media.