Interview on International Development for Social Integration, also in Rio's Olympic Games framework, Program: English Language Broadcast, RNE International Radio 02/10/2013

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 Leo Dias_Frank Smith_Alison Hughes_International Radio
Leo Dias_Frank Smith_Alison Hughes_International Radio

My interview broadcasted to Africa, Europe and America is mainly about the Social Technology for poverty alleviation I co-created and I am implementing worldwide. LEAD International, an United Nations consultative organism I advise on sustainability, is using this Social Technology, which is based in the work we do in Brazil for social integration, in its training program: 'leadership for sustainability' in all continents. The next training program I co-created will be delivered in Fallet, a favela in Rio, in november of 2013 when international specialists in sustainability will go there to participate in it.

I really want to thank Frank Smith, Alison Hughes, Justin Coe and all International Radio team the interview, the interest in the work I am developing and the opportunity to share my work and thoughts in the radio, this amazing communication media.