Interview on International Cooperation for Poverty Alleviation in Deprived Areas, Program: Emissão em Português, RNE International Radio 09/09/2013

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 Leo Dias_Estela Viana_Em Portugues
Leo Dias_Estela Viana_Em Portugues

My interview broadcasted to África, Europe and Latin América, is mainly about the work I implement in International Cooperation for poverty alleviation building trust between communities, people, private companies, NGO, governments. Another point is the grassroots leadership training program I developed to LEAD, an United Nations consultative organism, and it's roll out to the world as a good practice reference.

I really want to thank Estela Viana and all International Radio team the interview, the interest in the work I am developing and the opportunity to share my work and thoughts in the radio, this amazing communication media.