Documentary A propósito de "La Copa de las Copas", Program: En Portada

Documentary - Video

My participation is in an interview (minute 21:00) and in realization. It's related to the new brazilian middle class C, also known as the bottom of the pyramid.

In this specific case I articulated and coordinated interviews with grassroots leaders with who I work, i.e.  MVBill (CUFA - Ciudad de Dios), Celso Athayde (CUFA), Feijao (Afroreggae), Charles (Morro dos Prazeres), Terezinha (Morro dos prazeres), etc. I also articulated the participation and interviews with Government team members with who I work and are responsible for social inclusion and equality development in Rio de Janeiro.

One of my main objectives is to bring international visibility to the work these leaders are implementing in order to empower them. This way they have more facilities to find support to implement their initiatives.

I really want to thank Alicia Gomez Montano (Director), Susana Giménez Pons (Realization), Alejandro Coves (Image), Juan Antonio Barroso (Sound) and all Spanish TV team my participation in realization, the interview, the interest in the work I am developing and the opportunity to share my work and thoughts in the program.