Students participate in workshop about leadership with LEAD, ESCOLA PARQUE, 26/06/2012

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Diversity is a strong component of the work I do. The more diverse the team the better. Diverse teams create more complete solutions because they take into consideration a greater range of alternatives and issues and the global system is more represented. It was very exciting to see the advanced level of engagement, perception and vision  of this young group on sustainability, leadership, our current bahaviours and the future they would like to have. I was astonished! This experience was refreshing, intense and INSPIRING.

We definitely have to listen to the children; they are the future, they have a wisdom which adults tend to loose.

Main topics discussed in our Leadership for Sustainability event: Leadership , nature or nurture? Activelly listening and observing; Confidence; Walk the talk; Networking, Persistence, Dealing with the unknown, Vision and perspective.

I would like to thank Carlāo, Sancia Velloso, André, the Escola Parque team, LEAD International and British Council for the invitation to be involved in this event.