Leadership and fundraising workshop in the favelas, LEAD INTERNATIONAL, 21/06/2012

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Leadership for sustainability workshop in Vila Cruzeiro Community was developed under my framework to enhance community autonomy through grassroots leader empowerment. Otavio Júnior is a key local leader who worked hard to make this workshop a reality. I would like to thank Otavio and all Vila Cruzeiro leaders and International Directors who were present.

The full program is based on leadership skills development, sustainability engagement, network building and project co-creation.  

The Vila Cruzeiro workshop centred on leadership for sustainabilityfundraising and a network was established between local grassroots leaders and high level Directors who work on Sustainability at an international level (Africa, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Scotland, Spain, UK). The aim is to build a network to support their projects. In addition, we began the co-creation of a project that is ongoing and on which I am working in an advisory capacity.