Interview "Favelas exist in Madrid - they're just called something else", EL PAÍS back cover, 03/09/2012

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It was an honor to be invited to do a conference in EUROPEAN UNION about the social innovative technology I developed and I am implementing through projects I co-create. I was invited to participate because this social technology was recognized as a good practice to be a reference worldwide.

Tarso Genro, Rio Grande do Sul Governor, a State in South Brazil, participated with his team explaining their social collaborative budget model. It was an honor to be sharing my work and experiences in such an influent and global framework with high level decision makers politicians from Europe and Brazil. I was very inspired to have another opportunity to influence in publish policies. It was a very special moment for me.

After my conference I was invited by Pablo Ximénez, EL PAíS newspaper journalist, to do this interview, published in newspaper's cover. I really want to thank Pablo Ximénez and EL PAÍS this interview and the opportunity they gave me to share my thoughts about urban deprived areas in a worldwide framework and its relation with new and inclusive business models I am developing and implementing with communities, private companies, governments, society, academia and media.