About this site

Welcome to my site, LeonardoMartinsDias.com! This site aims to outline how I am working for a better world through promoting equality and poverty reduction - the first United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.

Efficiency, maximizing impacts is key to my working methodology. To achieve this I have developed an Innovative Social Technology -> more. It's helping Brazil to increase social equality, a concrete and measurable differential in Brazilian growth, and adjust its position in the new world order.

In the site you will find videos (TV, conferences, etc), podcasts (radio interviews), pictures, testimonials, news (newspaper and magazine articles, etc), projects and much more...

Within an international development framework, I work with people and organizations that seek to achieve a greater social impact; to contribute to, and benefit from impact investments and market transformation to promote global well-being. Social inclusion, equality, environmental and economic impacts are central to the decision making process.

Thank you very much for your interest and do not hesitate to get in touch.