Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship - Atteridgeville township, South Africa

Empowering Leaders for Sustainability in Rio's favelas - LEAD Canada, an UN body

Sergio Cabral, Rio's Governor, Inspiring Leadership for Sustainability in Rio's Deprived Areas

FUND. MAPFRE Directors visit CUFA in Brazil.Leonardo Dias (CUFA, Global Advisor), Antonio García(Fundación Mapfre España, Director), Fernando Garrido(F.M. Es.General Director),Fátima Mendes(F.M.Br. Director), Celso Athayde(CUFA General Director)


I strive for a better world by promoting poverty reduction and social equity through international cooperation. I work with individuals, government and organizations that seek to achieve real social impact. Together we generate income, raise aspirations, develop autonomy, change lives. I build partnerships with communities using innovative Social Technology which I have developed that delivers proven results in an international framework.


Latest Activities

United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals

Workshop on global and local approaches for urban inclusiveness, safety, resilience and sustainability 

The workshop discussed ways in which businesses, governments and NGOs can deliver education on sustainable development


"Léo Dias is an architect of complex bridges. He designs projects that connect people who would never meet: Organic and natural leaders from Rio's favelas and private companies with a social agenda. Leonardo's innovative bridges sustain the dialogue in the diveded city of Rio de Janeiro."

Renato Pereira, City Government of Rio de Janeiro, Head of Policy and Public Affairs

"Leonardo was selected in a worldwide program to accelerate high potential professionals carreers I was coordinating from Human Resources area in Telefónica. I admire Leonardo's courage to leave the comfort of a stable position at Global Projects Direction in Telefónica Headquarter to develop a career that brought him to this point...

Françoise Trapenard, President, Fundação Telefónica Vivo - Brazil / Spain

"I had the pleasure of delivering workshops with Léo in RIO+20 and work with him in a program he developed in favela Vila Cruzeiro. I am astounded by Leo's ability to co-design and find solutions for communities in a way that builds capacity, grows relationships and creates unique partnerships...

John Lewis, President, LEAD Canada and President, Intelligent Futures - Canada

"We had the honour of working with Leonardo in Great Minds. He has made his work his life's cause and this is evident in how engaging his presentation is and the passion he transmits when talking about his subject. What is best about his projects is that they are oriented to people (people-centered), to help people...

José María Robisco , CEO, leadership expert, founder of Great Minds - Spain / UK

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